About Me

Before starting college, my first job out of high school was a receptionist position.   During that time, I started learning all the current software programs and redesigning office forms and documents for the senior management team.  In addition, one of the engineers allowed me to utilize his Macintosh to familiarize myself with another platform. 

After realizing I wouldn’t be as successful without a college degree, I enrolled in Mercer University to pursue a BS in Information Technology.  Throughout my college years, my focus was pc support but still enjoyed creating presentations and proposals and anything creative with the company for which I was employed. 

I took several years off to travel around as a freelance makeup artist.  I took it one step further and enrolled in The Westmore Academy in Burbank, California focusing on glamour and special effects.    After returning from California, I joined the MAC Cosmetics’ freelance team which eventually led to a full-time position with the company. This was my dream come true, so I thought.  Retail was NOT my forte.  I continued with MAC for several years then left the retail arena.  On occasion, I get called in for special makeup events.

After years of unfavorable jobs, I pursued my artistic and creative abilities in my positions and I can now gladly say, I FINALLY love what I am doing as a Graphics Designer and Document Solutions Specialist.  There isn’t very much that I cannot create on a computer.  Anyone who knows me can verify if I cannot do it, no one else can. 

Let me be your creative go-to guru for your marketing and document solutions needs.